April 10, 2020

Building The Platform

As a collective of professional coaches we built The Platform as a way to expand our reach and positively influence the lives of people outside of our training facility. With combined decades of coaching, programming and training experience we have the knowledge and expertise required to deliver exciting and effective training programmes. The aim is to provide fun programmes that are sustainable over the long-term, accessible to all ability levels and designed around evidence-based training principles. 


Possibly the least sexiest word in the fitness industry!  This means striving to be as healthy as possible.The goal should be to continue to move well, get fit and build strength in to later life, not have a year of hard training, burn out or get injured. We look for consistent, steady progress across the board. You will see sustainability integrated into our programmes in the form of volume ranges, programmed rest days & optional work. 


We strive for our programmes to be simple and accessible to all training ages and abilities. To achieve this, we focus heavily on perfecting the basics of movement; squatting,lunging, hinging, pressing, pulling, twisting & jumping. When we add variations to these basics, we provide video demonstration and/or notes with your programme. 

Evidence-based principles

All of our coaches are educated to degree level with most having or working towards a master’s degree in exercise science. The science of strength & conditioning underpins all of our training concepts. We strive to combine this education with years of practical experience to bring you the most effective programmes that we can. 

The Programmes 

Currently, we provide a 5 session/week functional fitness programme. This is designed to be easily achievable or adaptable for commercial gym environments. This is designed for those looking to get fitter, stronger, faster and more robust. As such, it is centred on developing fundamental movement patterns, building strength and increasing endurance across all time domains. Each session should take 60-90 mins to complete and may have 1-3 separate pieces depending on the intent of the session. 

We also offer various ‘targeted’ programmes designed to give you more exposure to a particular training discipline. These programmes consist of 3 shorter sessions p/week and are designed to be completed alongside an existing training programme. Whether you’re looking to build size, strength & power, develop your gymnastics skills & capacity or build endurance, we have the right programme for you

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