This is your platform.

As a collective of professional Coaches we built The Platform as a way to expand our reach and positive influence outside of our facility.

With combined decades of coaching and programming experience we have the knowledge and expertise required to deliver exciting and effective training programmes.

The aim is to provide fun programmes that are sustainable over the long-term, accessible to all ability levels, and designed around evidence based training principles.

Our mission is to change fitness. For everyone. Everywhere.



Sustainability to us means being healthy as possible for as long as possible. Not overtrain for a year and burn out. We look for steady, consistent progress across the board.



Our programmes are simple and accessible to all abilities. We focus heavily on perfecting the basics: squatting, lunging, hinging, pressing, pulling, twists and jumping.


Evidence based principles

Our coaches are qualified to degree level and above. Importantly, we also have years of experience combining this knowledge with practice. Whilst competition performance isn't our focus, the achievements of the individuals we coach are a testament to what can be done when our programmes are combined with hard work and dedication.

These achievements include:
Winning Tribal Clash Portugal x 3
Winning Strength in Depth Affiliate Cup 2020
CrossFit European Regional Individual 2013
CrossFit European Regional Team 2018
Battle for middle ground podium performances
Powerlifting & Olympic weightlifting competitions
Multiple marathon & triathlon completions

We provide a 5 day Functional Fitness programme and 3 day targeted programmes.

The Functional Fitness programme provides 5 days of fun, balanced and accessible fitness each week. The programme is designed for the everyday athlete and has a bias towards developing fundamental movement patterns, building strength and increasing endurance across all time domains.

Each session should take 60-90 mins and will include elements of strength, endurance and gymnastics. All our sessions should be achievable within a commercial gym setting with little adaptation.

Our targeted programmes are designed to hone in on a particular training methodology. These programmes consist of 3 shorter (45-60 min) sessions each week. The purpose of the targeted programmes is to develop capacity in a particular element of fitness alongside an existing training programme.

Meet The Platform team. We have thousand of hours of coaching and programming experience and collectively have been training people for over 30 years. We coach novices, professional athletes and each other. You're in safe hands.


Admin Guru

Hey, I’m Heather and I’m here to answer any questions you have about your Platform programme. I’ve been involved in the fitness industry for over 10 years, starting out by researching workout plans online and eventually finding CrossFit. I’m also a sports massage therapist. My work is split between fixing injured athletes, helping them with their mobility, and being an admin guru. Organisation and paperwork is my forte so I’m on hand to answer any questions you have, solve any account problems and point you in the right direction!


Platform Coach

Hi, I'm James. I'm responsible for programming the Platform Strength and Power, Endurance, and Gymnastics programmes. My background is in exercise science. I design scientifically sound and appropriate programmes for all abilities and I've been coaching for years. BSc Applied Sport and Exercise Science. CrossFit Level 1. CrossFit Kids. CrossFit gymnastics and Advanced Gymnastics. British Weightlifting Level 1. PT Level 3.


Platform Coach

I'm an experienced Coach with over a decade in the industry. I've been a gym owner for 8 years and holds an MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition amongst a host of other qualifications. I'm passionate about the positive influence exercise and nutrition can have on lifestyle and wellbeing. It's one of the key factors to happiness and health. The Platform programmes are flexible, structured and scientifically based providing everyone with the opportunity to unlock their potential. There is nothing that can’t be gained from enrolling onto one of our programmes. MSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition, BA (Hons) Sport & Recreation Development, BTEC Sports Science, CrossFit L1 & L2, British Weightlifting L1, CrossFit Movement & Mobility, CrossFit Rowing, CrossFit Gymnastics Foundation & Advanced, Precision Nutrition L1, Eleiko Functional Trainer L1, BIRTHFIT Coach.


Platform Coach

My fitness journey started in the early nineties when I took up bodybuilding in college. I subscribed to Flex Magazine and followed the training programmes of Dr Mike Mentzer, Dorian Yates and Flex Wheeler. I continued bodybuilding into my thirties and in 2011 discovered the world of functional fitness. As a gym owner I take great satisfaction in seeing our members achieve remarkable levels of strength, fitness and conditioning. The Platform was created to offer life changing fitness to a wider audience. Whether you are looking for an all inclusive fitness programme or one with a specific skill set, we have everything covered. Do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or queries. Train smart, train with intention.


Platform Coach

Hi I’m Yusuf, I’ve been in the fitness industry for quite some time now: from personal training, to coaching rugby and now CrossFit. I programme for the Platform High Intensity and Platform Functional Hypertrophy programmes; my two fitness passions. I love coaching - it allows me to use my scientific background to full effect. and give people the best opportunity to get results. For me being strong, fit and healthy are key and The Platform programmes allow just that.‍ MSc and BSc in Exercise and Sport. CrossFit Level 1. PT Level 3.